The terms of this document apply to the inter-partes relationship between Ordbogen A/S and users of "Ordbogsprogrammet". Users of "Ordbogsprogrammet" are hereinafter called "Licensee". The conditions of the licence are hereinafter called the “Licence Agreement". Where relevant, the Licence Agreement also applies between Licensee and subsidiaries of Ordbogen A/S. Ordbogen A/S and subsidiaries, if any, are hereinafter called "Ordbogen".

The Licence Agreement applies to the use of Ordbogsprogrammet in every respect. The Licence Agreement cannot be changed or negotiated. Ordbogsprogrammet cannot be downloaded until the Licensee has read and accepted the Licence Agreement. If the Licensee does not wish to be bound by the Licence Agreement, the Licensee must refrain from downloading Ordbogsprogrammet.


Ordbogen hereby gives the Licensee the right to use Ordbogsprogrammet. This includes the right to download Ordbogsprogrammet for the purpose of looking up words in the dictionaries for which the Licensee has bought a subscription from Ordbogen.

The Licensee has a limited and non-exclusive licence to install and use a copy of Ordbogsprogrammet on one computer for each subscription bought from Ordbogen. The number of computers on which Ordbogsprogrammet is installed must not exceed the number of subscriptions. However, the Licensee is allowed to make one (additional) copy of Ordbogsprogrammet to be used as back-up copy.

Ordbogen reserves all rights which are not expressly allocated to the Licensee by this Licence Agreement. Ordbogen maintains ownership Ordbogsprogrammet. Intellectual property rights to contents that are shown or made available through Ordbogsprogrammet belong to Ordbogen or Ordbogen's business partners. The Licensee is not entitled to systematically copy contents made available through Ordbogsprogrammet.

The licence will be terminated automatically and without previous notice from Ordbogen if the Licensee does not comply with the Licence Agreement. Furthermore, Ordbogen reserves the right to terminate the Licence Agreement if new versions of Ordbogsprogrammet, or similar, should so require.

The Licensee is not entitled to give sublicences, copy, file share, lend out, hire out, lease, sell, pass on, export or transfer Ordbogsprogrammet in any way whatsoever.


The Licensee understands and accepts that Ordbogen is allowed to collect, maintain, handle and use diagnostic, technical information about the computer/computers and Ordbogsprogrammet. The information is collected on a regular basis with a view to optimising Ordbogsprogrammet and supplying software updates, product support, etc. Ordbogen may use the information collected provided that it does not identify personal data.


The Licensee does not have any right whatsoever to invoke lack of conformity. Ordbogen does not give any warranty whatsoever. Under no circumstances – including gross negligence – does Ordbogen accept any liability for damages that may be caused by the use of Ordbogsprogrammet, nor is Ordbogen liable for consequential damages, operating loss, loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of image or other indirect losses that may arise from the use of Ordbogsprogrammet. This also applies even if Ordbogen or its representative has been notified of the possibility of such damages. Ordbogen's total liability to pay damages to the Licensee cannot exceed an amount equivalent to the Licensee's payment of subscription to Ordbogen for a period of 3 months prior to the time of the damage.


The Licence Agreement is valid until terminated. The Licensee's rights pursuant to the Licence Agreement will cease without warning if the Licensee does not comply with the Licence Agreement. Once the licence ceases, the Licensee must cease to use Ordbogsprogrammet and the Licensee must uninstall and delete/destroy all copies of Ordbogsprogrammet.


All matters relating to the Licence Agreement shall be governed by Danish Law. Danish Private International Law does not apply. Disputes arising in connection with the Licence Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Danish courts. The court of first instance shall be Retten i Odense (The Court of Odense).